Is there someone in your life that needs a helping hand? Turning on the light? Turning on the faucets to get water? Opening their door for visitors or assistance? Hearing the phone ring? Seeing to make a phone call? We can and want to assist with all of these and many more needs. ________________________________________ Is Your Homebound Loved One OK? How would you like to be able to look in and see LIVE, what is going on at your parents/loved ones home? Now Only $39.00 per month** INDEPENDENCE: Allow your loved one to stay at home and have independence. We all know that it is much physically and mentally healthier to stay at home than be in a nursing home or hospital, not to mention the high cost of out of home care. SAFETY: Keep an eye on your loved one. Talking on the phone only gives you a little feeling of safety. Watch your loved one 24/7 LIVE. SECURITY: You want to be able to be there but can't always. An internet video monitoring system could allow you to monitor your loved one and know they are ok and still keep them at home and not an expensive nursing home or hospital. CONFIDENCE: Are the caretakers taking care of them properly? Are they sleeping well? Did they fall? PRIDE: Have pride in knowing that you can take care of your loved one and provide them with independence, safety and security without having to be always be there. You may live in town or across the country. If you see something that is not right, you can call them or call for help. Or, they can call for help with a wireless personal emergency auto dialer with pendant. You CAN DO THIS. 24 Hours a day See LIVE video Take Snapshots Record Video Review snapshots taken throughout the day Check in Anytime/Anywhere* ________________________________________ Would you like to be able to see what is going on ... At The Front Door? At The Daycare? At The Office? At The Store? At Your Home? At Your Loved Ones home? 24 hours a day over the internet? We can make this happen. Now Only $39.00 per month** ________________________________________ * Internet access required ** After small installation, setup and training