Ronen Levy - CISSP provides dependable consulting services in information security. Large organizations need to realize the importance of information security and implement it within all aspects of their operations, and Ronen can show them how. Ronen has witnessed numerous, some even hair raising, information security incidents through his 20 years of experience. For Ronen, single handedly implementing and maintaining network security for a company or over 2700 employees is no easy task. It has taken Ronen 10 years just to get his bearings.
Through Ronen's experience, he reviewed countless security products. At his company Ronen has deployed over 20 Checkpoint firewalls all in cluster formation. Ronen specializes in distributed and segmented networks. IPS or intrusion prevention systems such as Tipping Point from 3COM can be found in almost every network Ronen has designed.
Policies written by Ronen are concise to the point and promptly implemented. They also take into consideration the nature and culture of the organization. Ronen runs an entire security management show.