BizPortz is the nation's leading developer of post-frame, stud-wall, steel-frame, decking, structural insulated panel, and metal roof takeoff and estimating software.  The company is headquartered in Lawrence, Kansas (USA), was founded in 1999 and today has a customer base extending throughout the United States and Canada.  

The company's latest product release is Roofing Manager, a metal roof estimating system.  Estimating a roof for metal is a much more complicated task than is required for shingle roof estimating where square footage is the primary calculation.  The user can choose to draw virtually any roof using the simple drawing tools provided, or use the system in conjunction with a standard aerial report from any of the major providers to create an estimate from their data almost instantly.

BizPortz executive personnel have over 60 years of combined experience in post-frame construction along with commercial and residential roofing.