Roo Kids is a fun messaging app for kids with ‘minimum yet critical’ parental controls.

It has often been described as ‘Whatsapp for Kids’ or at times ‘Whatsapp for Kids with Extra Safety’.

Parents want kids to explore, learn and master the digital world. But, the important concerns that parents have are:

* Strangers reaching out to their kids online, and

* Kids getting distracted during homework time or sleep time.

The key features of Roo Kids that bring in safety are:

* Parents get to review and disapprove anyone in their kid’s Contact list. Thus no stranger or unwanted person can sneak in,

* Kids can block any user or message with immediate effect, and

* Parents can set curfew time slots during which the live chat will not work.

The app is targeted towards Kids of ages 6-12 years under parental supervision. We have both iPhones and iPads versions. However, we are highly optimised for iPads.

We believe that it is good for kids to experience a restricted app such as Roo Kids before moving into social networking sites, which provide less safety.