Online rooms - the new way of watching livestreams with friends

Roomit.tv is a web platform, which allows videogame livestream viewers to communicate between each other in online rooms. Users can watch a livestream and speak via text chat or audio and video group calls in the room.

As livestreaming platforms are becoming more and more popular the amount of users is growing every year and when there are a few thousands of people in the chat, it becomes impossible to speak there. Because of that most of viewers discuss livestreams not in the chat on the platform but via skype or social networks, turning away from the video and missing the most interesting moments of the game.

Roomit.tv is fighting with this problem. It is easy to use service where you can create a room, invite friends and communicate via text chat or audio and video group calls. The chat consists of two tabs: the first with private chat of the room members and the second with public livestream chat. At the moment you can select livestream from six best livestreaming platforms (twitch.tv, hitbox.tv, douyu.tv and others) and in the nearest future we are planning to add more than 8 new platforms.

The idea of the project appeared two months ago, and now the first version of the product is ready to launch. There are two guys who are working on the project Kirill Khrystosenko(CEO) and Volodymyr Miniof(CTO).

The project targets US market and livestream viewers, who can’t discuss the video while watching livestream. According to our researches, nearly 80% of viewers are not satisfied with chats on the platforms and are interested in private rooms for watching livestreams. All existing solutions only allow users to share screens instead of giving every viewer a possibility to watch and type in the chat on its behalf.

Visit http://roomittv.info/ to get more information or to register for a premium account.


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