Rising healthcare costs and inadequate cover for out-patient treatment can erode your savings. Therefore RIHL brought you the cost-effective alternative. Most suitable for OPD Treatment by Root India Healthcare is one of the leading healthcare organization in India.
We welcome all Indian patients who are suffering from any pre-existing disease and or illness. Root India’s Objective is just support to them & capping their OPD expenses on the higher side. Since we strongly believe that a patient should not be forced to select a doctor from a kind of network. Root India Healthcare is financing health to manage and control user unwanted “OPD” treatment expenses. Therefore no terms and conditions for their existing disease, gender, age etc.,

Root India Healthcare is one of India’s leading healthcare benefits company enabling people to effectively manage their unwanted OPD “medical” expenses and trying to give smile to the patient community. Our vision to make efforts for all patients to have a quality healthcare, affordable, and accessible options. Our continued financial support is subject to “100%” rebate access to quality cure and other health solutions. Whereas the patients can manage & control their OPD expenses with a high level of service standards.