Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce a revolutionary new product for coloring hair “Roots Only.”  Roots Only is a patented hair color applicator comb that allows solution to travel through its teeth, releasing solution directly to new growth.

Until now, going to a salon was the only practical means to achieve professional hair coloring results.  NOW, with Roots Only, women and men can achieve professional results in the privacy of their home at a fraction of the cost, and it offers other benefits too:  

•     It saves time; it takes less than 5 minutes to apply color, and there is no parting/sectioning required.
•     It prevents damage to already colored hair; the hollow teeth distribute solution to the “roots only.”  
•     It’s a one person job; you just comb and squeeze.
•     It’s mess free; the solution goes exactly where it is directed with no drips or globs.  

Roots Only is a great product for those consumers who prefer the convenience and cost savings of home hair coloring.   Our consumers rave about Roots Only when they find out how easy it is to achieve professional results without costly visits to the salon.