Rosco IT Solutions unlike many other IT Consultancies and support providers is based on the principle of putting people at the heart of everything we do.

The company as part of this philosophy always handles its affairs based on the “Three P’s” and always in this order of priority:

   People – Our Clients
   People – Our Business Partners, Employees and Suppliers
   Processes – To ensure regulatory compliance and survival of the business.

Unlike many other businesses we are not solely motivated by profit, you may be surprised to learn that originally Rosco IT was going to be a social enterprise with all its profits being donated to charity. Economic realities however have forced these plans to be placed on hold for the moment however in the future we would like to revisit them. As a company the focus is on helping people, in business and in their lives to succeed through technology because we have a passion for what the future might bring. As observers of technology will note the line between the present and the future in terms of technological change is becoming increasingly blurred. Our job as a technology consultancy is to guide people through it.