Roselle's Custom Jewelry makes affordable wedding rings, engagement rings, and eternity rings in the Philippines. All rings are made of high quality gold and of great craftsmanship. Rings are made upon order.

Hand Crafted to Perfection – Unlike machine made wedding rings that are of inferior quality and lack tender loving care, ours are handcrafted and scrutinized to the last detail by long time artisans. Handmade wedding rings are also more durable than machine made rings.

The Best Gold Quality – Some jewelry manufacturers cut corners in the refining process making the quality of gold inferior and will show roughness and even small holes after sometime. Here at Roselle’s Custom Jewelry we make sure our gold are of the best quality before they are made into wedding rings to ensure they last a lifetime.

Very Affordable Prices – We do not have showrooms in malls, no sales agents so we pass the savings on to you!

Lifetime Guarantee - We are confident of the quality of our wedding rings and are sure that they will last a lifetime.