Freedom Motors, Inc. is a United States of America based Corporation that was incorporated in 1997 in the state of Nevada. Freedom Motors is headquartered in Dixon, California and has numerous international and US patents in rotary engine technology and aerial vehicles (manned and unmanned). Freedom Motors designs and develops Wankel based rotary engines for a variety of applications. Freedom Motors has spent up to $65 Million USD in development of this technology which is now ready for commercialization.

Based upon the ingenious design of German engineer Felix Wankel, Freedom Motors has the exclusive rights for manufacturing the Rotapower® engine. With over 40 years of research in this technology, Freedom Motors can now produce engines without many of the disadvantages historically attributed to rotary engines.

The core technology was acquired from Outboard Marine Corporation who produced the only Wankel rotary engine ever manufactured in volume in the US. OMC spent $200 million developing their rotary engine technology. They produced over 15,000 engines for their snowmobile line in anticipation of the demise of the two-stroke piston engine. These engines,collectively, have accumulated millions of hours in operation. Manufacturing cost comparisons performed by OMC validated the ability to produce their rotary engine at a competitive cost with their own two-stroke engine.

Advanced proprietary improvements to the core technology, included in the rights acquired by the Company, have enhanced reliability significantly, improved fuel consumption and dramatically lowered emissions.

The Rotapower engine, through a patent pending on intake porting and rotor interface,combines the demonstrated reliability and fuel economy of the expensive rotary engines, with the low cost but less fuel-efficient OMC design. The Company acquired the entire OMC rotary engine technology and then developed new proprietary elements to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The Freedom engine reduces the total emissions by over 85% when compared with industrial four-stroke piston engines and recreational two-stroke engines.

We here at Freedom Motors realize that the promise of this technology offers considerable advantages over traditional piston engines in many applications, and we welcome the opportunity to prove this to the world.

Our passion is to produce the most powerful, flexible, efficient and durable engines to enhance human experience and environmental sustainability.

Our Rotapower® Technology:

1. Provides an ultra low-emission, carbon-neutral and practical solution for powering the future of transportation.
2. Represents an affordable solution for biogas energy generation.
3. Provides an alternative on-demand power solution to dangerous and dirty high-density battery storage systems.
4. Enhances the performance of personal air vehicles and autonomous drones.

Freedom Motors currently have working prototypes of the following

1. UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)
2. PAVs (Personal Aerial Vehicles)
3. Generator 18 KW (Capable of producing generators from 2 to 500 KW)
4. Scooters (2 wheeler. We can easily adapt this to a three-wheeler as well)
5. Electric car
6. Landscaping Weed Whacker
7. Speed boat
8. All-Terrain Vehicle
9. Biogas power generation