RoughRider Digital Marketing company is about a bunch of dedicated people who believe in the motto, "If you build it, they won't necessarily come".  In order for a website to be relevant and to work for a business, it must be thoroughly optimized.  A great amount of thought and application must go into a company's website presence which includes its position on search engine results for keyword queries, its content and ability to engage visitors, and its ability to have visitors convert to orders for service or products.  If internet marketing and SEO are applied correctly, website work should prove to be the best ROI expense in a local business’ marketing program and campaigns.  
The Internet!   Having a pleasing and functional website alone is not enough to attract customers.
RoughRider builds beautiful websites; we optimize the webpages for content and performance with regard to search results and lowering bounce rate as much as possible.  It is our concern that, when we do help a given business’ website grow their web traffic and their leads, that the content is rich, informative and trust building with the goal of compelling a person to ultimately become a customer.