Introducing Roundee - a free video meeting tool offering you instant meetings with cloud recording and more. Also available in app form to pair with Roundee's desktop version for an even better experience. Intuitive design. Customizable interface. Fully loaded with smart video conferencing features so that you and your team can enjoy smarter, better video meetings.

"Powerful and user-friendly"  "Love the UX design"  "Clear camera and audio"  "I just love it"  

In-app features include:

• Unlimited video calls
• Meeting recording
• No logins or codes
• Personal dashboard
• Custom meeting URL
• Cloud storage
• Lock feature
• Chat

..for free! Phew.

FYI, desktop users can access additional features such as:

• Custom branding
• Screenshare
• File transfer
• Video share
• Presentation mode
• Whiteboard
• Annotation
• and more.

Having issues with connectivity?  Adjust the performance settings right in the application or turn off video to save bandwidth. Questions? Email us at contact@roundee.io.


Roundee was built with remote teams in mind, so every feature and iteration is intentional to improve the productivity and effectiveness of video meetings for users around the world. Our motto "Meetings made meaningful" captures our drive to not only maintain the usefulness of meetings but to improve them and make them better.

By creating a robust video meeting platform that has functions for before, during, and after the meeting, Roundee has created the opportunity for teams around the world to get more creative with video conferencing than if they were confined to the walls of a physical space.

The new kid on the block in video conferencing, Roundee invites you to experience better instant video meetings by opening the Roundee app today and creating your free custom URL.

Download for free and enjoy smarter (and more meaningful) video meetings!

For more info, visit: https://roundee.io


We'd love to hear your feedback. Reach us by emailing contact@roundee.io and let us know how we can help.


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