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You may also face issues while working with Routerlogin.Net setup and again the reason may be easily traceable or may not be. Following let's check out the various other tentative reasons which may result in failure of access to Routerlogin.Net login page:

   Incorrect Web address: Make sure you are typing the correct address of the login page. Please note the right URL is http://www.routerlogin.net or http://www.routerlogin.com to access the Routerlogin.Net login page.

   Wrong login values: You need to fill the login values to get into the Routerlogin.Net login page. Ensure once that you are typing in, the correct login values, note the default values are: Username: admin and the Password: password

   Incorrect Router IP address: IF you are using router IP address instead of text web address, make sure you are hitting the right IP address, the correct ones are: or

   The unstable wireless connection: Try using Ethernet to connect to the network, the cable connection always produces better results. Sometimes wireless connection works slow or is interrupted which results in failure of reaching any web page. Or try using different wireless connection i.e. you may switch between 2.4GHz network and 5GHz network. Whichever works for you, go for it.

   Multiple Connections: "Too many hands spoil the broth" same could be the reason here, if you are connected to multiple networks (i.e. wireless, wired, VPN etc.) simultaneously, it may result in IP conflict. Disconnect from all other networks and stay with only one and then try to work with Routerlogin.Net setup or opening the Routerlogin.Net login page.

   The blocking software: Any installed firewalls, pop-up blocker or other such software can create problem while working with router login page. Disable them for once and try opening Routerlogin.Net login page again. Most probably it will work.

   Frozen or hanged device: You might not be aware but there is a possibility that any device involved in your system is not working properly because of any silly reason. Instead of investigating each device, simply power OFF and ON all devices you are using including your computer, router, range extender, Wi-Fi connection etc. Restart everything once with a rest of at least 20 seconds.

   Obsolete Firmware: make sure you are working with the updated firmware version. Better to keep a periodic check on your firmware and update it whenever a new version is available.

If you didn't get success to figure out any of the above reason then try the ultimate troubleshoot trick to handle Routerlogin.Net not connecting situation and that is "Factory Reset". This will probably get you to access your Routerlogin.Net login page.

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