The unparalleled on-site customer acquisition campaigns that Royal City Marketing delivers drives consumer traffic for our clients, with a focus on raising brand awareness and building long-term loyalty. Our personal, direct marketing approach utilizes in-person contact to build relationships that will carry on into the future, serving consumers, brands and our team members in equal measure.  

We make it our corporate mission to see our clients’ goals achieved, devising campaigns that strategically reach their target markets with a high degree of precision and enthusiasm. Rather than relying on impersonal indirect approaches to attracting consumer attention, we reach out in person to bridge the communication gap between our clients and the consumers with whom they want to connect.

Unrivaled product knowledge and superb promotions that lead to increased consumer satisfaction are the benefits to the end-user. For members of our team, we encourage them to push boundaries, and to set high professional goals that will send them on the path to an exciting career.