Royal Danish Cigars® 200 years anniversary collection is made according to old Danish traditions. They come in two amazing blends; the double ligero Regal Blend – Danish West Indies™ and our milder Havana Blend®

Regal Blend - Danish West Indies is based on the original 200 year-old aristocratic formula from the time when the Danish West Indies were part of the Kingdom of Denmark and the King’s ships brought back tobacco from Caribbean to the Royalty. Under 250 years of Danish rule tobacco was grown, cured and rolled for the pleasure of the Danish aristocracy and now made available for cigar aficionados around the world. This hard to find very rare premium tobacco limit our master rollers to maximum 8500 cigars per month, surely not for everybody!

Each masterpiece of Royal Danish Cigars® has passed a costly and unique triple quality control, ensuring always perfectly drawing cigars! The Regal Blend cigars are numbered and signed by the master roller before they are carefully dressed-up and the Swarovski crystal is mounted on the cigar ring.

Our anniversary collection consists of 7 sizes

   King of Denmark™
   Royal Twister™
   Dukes #1™
   CPH Baron™
   Petit Queen™
   Grand Danois™

King Christian IX of Denmark was enthusiastic cigar aficionado and on request from the Royal Danish Court, a cigar was named after his majesty. The King was sending boxes of cigars with his private label to family members and dignities including his grandson, Zar Nicholas II of Russia. Royal Danish Cigars were therefore smoked around the world after Christian IX was crowned in 1863. Today, most of Europe’s reigning and ex-reigning royal families are direct descendants of Christian IX.

You are smoking a piece of Royal Danish history!

Miss Cigar Worldwide Competition – Today Denmark has a Queen and equality of sexes is an important part of Scandinavian lifestyle and culture, so the team behind Royal Danish Cigars® is determined to find and publish the world’s most posh and trendy female cigar smokers!

The monthly winner is selected by us and published on our separate domain MissCigar.com. She will receive our exclusive King of Denmark™ humidor full of personalized cigars worth USD 4,500. The public can then vote for the annual winner which will be invited to Copenhagen for a weekend to smoke and learn about our history and city. All you have to do to join the competition is to buy a Royal Danish Cigar, have some great photos taken of yourself while smoking it, then email them to us.

Fellow Aficionados, Free Cigars to Smoke! Just invite me to talk about my cigars in your cigar club or shop. If you have any questions, like to know the nearest retailer or how to buy our personalized cigars online for yourself or as gift to a friend or business associate, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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