The British are coming! ...and they’re bringing beer!

Royal Docks Brewing Company is a brewery and taproom that fuses the best aspects of the craft beer renaissance, British pub culture and contemporary American style.

We, the folks behind Royal Docks, are Canton natives that have spent some time in Britain - long enough to have fallen in love with the pub – a decidedly British concept that must never be confused with the American bar.

The pub is a vital part of the community’s social fabric. It’s a place where the welcome is a little warmer, the room is a little cozier, the barkeep is a little friendlier and the crowd is somehow a wee bit more familiar – even if it’s your first time there and you don't know a soul.

That’s what Royal Docks hopes to achieve here at Noble’s Pond. We don’t crave to be a national chain or a regional 6-pack phenomenon. We’re not trying to be a hidden treasure or cater exclusively to eccentric tastes. We’re just jazzed about making good beer, fostering a comfortable environment and sharing it with our friends and neighbors.

If that sounds like your kind of scene, then keep an eye on us as we build a community hub right here and we hope you’ll join us for a beer and maybe a bite to eat.