Royal Siam is an international manufacturer and distributor of branded skincare, haircare and related health and beauty products, with its headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand.

The company specialises in the use of natural ingredients, leveraging the extensive knowledge base built up over more than 800 years by the Thai Traditional Medicine profession. In addition to this emphasis on natural and traditional ingredients, Royal Siam researches and includes some of the latest ingredients and techniques developed by modern science resulting in a range of premium skincare and anti aging products that represent world best practice in both 100% natural products as well as those that include synthetic ingredients.

Royal Siam has four product ranges that differentiate the products according to function and ingredients.

"Faithful to Tradition" range are products that are hand-made using only pure, 100% natural ingredients and the traditional manufacturing processes. No artificial ingredients of any kind are included and this makes the products totally genuine, as well as requiring some particular care in handling and storage. Included within this range are anti aging and moisturizing serums, facial cleansers, toner, shampoo, skin whitening, herbal face masks and natural hair restoration products.

"Powered by Nature" is a core range that blends natural ingredients with proven synthetic elements to create an everyday "best of both worlds" product range that includes moisturisers for face and body, UV protection, skin whitening and melasma treatment, foot care, eye area treatment and body exfoliating products.

"Breakout! Anti Acne" range are products specifically designed to treat and prevent acne.

"Ultra Cosmeceuticals" is a range of ultra-premium facial serums, masks, cleansers and related anti aging products that represent some of the best skincare products available on the market, using both natural and synthetic ingredients.

The company distributes its products through retail operations in Thailand and globally via and international online store, accessed at www.royalsiam.asia.

The website of www.royalsiam.asia contains extensive resources and information about the skincare industry as well as the role Royal Siam plays within the industry.

Managing Director and CEO is David Christensen (55), an Australian and veteran of multinational businesses and the Asian region in particular. Prior to his current role Mr Christensen had senior regional positions as regional Vice President for Asia Pacific with American Express and Carlson Wagonlit Travel, a Partner with Gravitas Partnership in Hong Kong, and General Manager Marketing with AXA Asia Pacific. He can be contacted at david@royalsiam.asia and direct line +66 8 3132 1115