Roy Kushner is the founder and chief designer of KDG Furniture, a creative and collaborative design group based in New York City.

He completed his undergraduate studies in Art History at Rutgers University, with a focused investigation in Architectural History carried out under the tutelage of Dr. Tod Marder and Dr. David Underwood. He then continued his studies at the Syracuse University School of Architecture, where he earned a Masters degree in Architectural Design.

His furniture and industrial designs have evolved out of a long and emerging relationship with design and materials. As a trained Architectural Designer and Art Historian he has worked in Architecture, interior design, and construction. Throughout the course of his professional career he has become increasingly and intimately involved with materials and methods of construction; and he draws on his artistic and design background to imbue his designs with larger issues of context, history, and culture.

His Patented PICTURE FRAME, now being sold exclusively at this web site, is a small work of art which cleverly combines the generic with the unique. The picture frame is a modern easel - a veritable blank artist's canvas - designed to be personalized by the inclusion of a variety of laser-cut "ornaments." The frame is a great companion to any photograph.

His current line of hand-crafted modern furniture consists of simple, modular metal frames juxtaposed with metal, wood, and glass. The furniture consists of a “kit of parts” that is an adaptable language for custom design.

His work is has been shown at the henro furniture showroom in SoHo; The DKNY Flagship store in Midtown Manhattan; Sustainable Living and Hogar Collection in Williamsburg, Brooklyn; and at A Taste of Art, in Tribecca.