Rapid Quality Systems Limited develop innovative software tools to support the detailed design, visualization and documentation of software systems. Our software makes documentation a seamlessly integrated part of the development process and delivers cost and quality benefits in the following key areas: project management; quality assurance; communication amongst diverse stakeholders; visualization support for software developers designing, implementing and reviewing complex business processes, algorithms and methods.

Our vision is to open the development process up to domain experts, allowing anyone to see what code really does without requiring an intimate knowledge of programming languages.

Our Code Rocket product is a code visualization and documentation system designed to reduce software development time and costs.

It integrates seamlessly with existing development environments (Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse) where it provides automatic design and code visualization support for software developers during coding activities and assists project managers during review and quality assurance tasks. Code Rocket allows you to define and discuss very detailed system requirements in a way that anyone can understand, including non-programmers. Therefore enhancing ease of communication amongst diverse stakeholders on a software project when discussing and reviewing the detailed requirements and functionality of a system, including outsourced development work.

Code Rocket brings together tried and tested software design principles (such as pseudocode and flowcharts) in an innovative way, making them a seamlessly integrated part of a designer’s toolkit. Intuitive, automated, time saving strategies ensure that designers can focus their efforts on the content and quality of their designs, rather than struggling with inefficient drawing and editing tasks.  Combined with subsequent forward engineering of high quality code skeletons, this provides your team with a finer degree of visibility and control and provides a clear definition and traceability of implementation requirements into code.