Indie Developer Robert Grzybek Announces Launch of “Fuzzy Critters: Cross the Road” a Fun Homage to Classic Cute Animal Games

There's not many video game plots that are more classic than the cute animal trying to make it's away across the road.  Independent game developer Robert Grzybek has embraced that concept and ran with it with his exciting and addictive new game for Android “Fuzzy Critters: Cross the Road”.

August 5, 2015

A huge number of people agree, when it comes to gaming more complicated isn't always better.  Independent game developer Robert Grzybek certainly agrees.  Recently, Grzybek announced the release of his latest game “Fuzzy Critters: Cross the Road”, a fast and fun tip of the hat to classic cute animal games of years gone by and every bit as addictive.  Currently available for Android with an iOS version in the works, “Fuzzy Critters” has been greeted with enthusiasm.  

“I really feel passionate about 'Fuzzy Critters' and how much fun it is,”  commented the developer. “I know players are going to really be into it, 'Fuzzy Critters' has the look and feel of classic games like 'Frogger', but with a more modern game play.”

According to Grzybek, “Fuzzy Critters” allows players to choose what animal they would like to play the game as including a cute bunny, elephant, hippo and cat.  The player then tries to gather animals and coins off of the board while doing their best to avoid obstacles.  Fast reflexes are, of course, in high demand.

“Fuzzy Critters” is a free download, which allows users to play all the way to the end.

Early feedback from players has been incredibly positive.

Tim C., from Maine, recently said, “I love all kinds of games, but especially ones with old school influences.  'Fuzzy Critters' doesn't disappoint at all.  It's like 'Frogger' meets 'Snake' in a way but even better.  I haven't been able to put it down since I downloaded it and even girlfriend loves it...  five stars and fully recommended.”

GOOGLE PLAY LINK - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.RSGApps.FuzzyCritters&ah=f3RPJXZyFF3MpZEUFNfFJpn8nW4

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