Founded in 1999 by SF Bay area producer Keith Crusher and electronica artist Artemis, RTFM is a collective of artists and musicians who share an adventurous desire to explore and synthesize new musical ground. RTFM is both a resource for electronica artists looking for information on being more successful and an outlet for fans of genre-crossing electronica to find the best new music. We are completely DIY - your support for the site and the artists is greatly appreciated.


We're here to find those hidden indie music gems, with a focus on electronic based artists (though, by all means, not a requisite!), and help them develop their potential through marketing, promotion, live show support and nearly every aspect of music creation from songwriting to sales and fan-base building. When you support these artists you're showing your appreciation for their efforts - and helping them to make more great music.

If you would like to submit your music or want to know more about RTFM or would like to join us (we're always looking for talented interns, artists, musicians, videographers, etc), please feel free to contact us via our website.


If you ever have a question, problem or just want to give feedback, please contact us. We will always read and respond to your email, or get it to the artist in question for them to answer.