Our mission is to get the world investing successfully. Rubicoin stands for getting started, moving new investors from Zero to One.
25 years ago, living in Ireland with a father interested in investing in US stocks was as common as owning a talking dog. But that’s what got me started – a dad who wanted to talk about it and a one-man willing audience.

One day my father gifted to me a small amount of money to open an account with a traditional stock brokerage firm on Wall St. All that he asked was that I apply what he had imparted and to not cash-out.

In doing so, I found a love for learning about businesses and owning small slices of all my favorite stocks for the long term. Now, almost everything I own is invested in great US businesses.

Since getting started, I’ve taught stock investing to wide audiences, contributed as a writer to The Motley Fool and broadcast all decisions relating to my personal portfolio.

In 2014 my investing abilities were measured. My stock portfolio had returned 24.4% per year for eleven years (known in the industry as CAGR), outperforming professional investors around the world.

Rubicoin exists to deliver all the ingredients of successful stock investing into your life. We believe that the future you will be glad you started investing today. We believe anyone can create personal wealth by making just one good investment decision. We utterly believe in what we are doing and obsess on our duty to create the most beautiful and usable products for you. We believe one good investment decision will change your life.

For me, one such good investment decision came in 2003 when I sold my car to buy shares in Netflix. At the time it was trading at about $1 per share. They now trade at over $100. I still own those shares today and have increased my position over the years. I had similar successes with Chipotle Mexican Grill, Under Armour and many more.

The hardest, but most important step in anything you do is getting started.

Start investing today with Rubicon as your personal companion.

By doing so, you will create wealth over the course of your life that otherwise would not have existed.

I believe successful investing is simple and straightforward; buy great companies, and hold them for a long time. This isn’t simply my opinion, it’s fact.