Active Mobile recently partnered the world leading industry application developers to provide a series of sensor measuring and high powered workforce-critical applications tough phones and announced the launch of RugGear, "The World's Most Rugged Phone" in Singapore for the most demanding and hazardous environment.

Active Mobile top priority for introducing the RugGear mobile phone is to create an options to provide critical communications solutions to government and companies in industries like construction, oil, gas, chemicals, security, transportation, logistics and defense.

"We have incorporated the feedback we've been receiving from the industrial work force and sports adventures for the past one years to make a more relevant product that is not inferior to any kind of extreme conditions," said Kelvin Lek, who is the founder and CEO of Active Mobile.

Active Mobile also introduced what it calls "The World's 1st Floatable" phone, which enable water sports adventures to easily retrieve their phone if it slips off their hands and fall into the water.

Another central focus of the Rugged phone release is the Intrinsically safe EX-Zone mobile phone. Ex-phone is specially designed not to be an ignition source to cause an explosion even under highly dangerous and sensitive environments like oil, gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It will not cause an explosion by sparks or high temperature (Ambient temperature Ta: -20 ̊C to +55 ̊C). All ignition sources from inside the phones have been removed and protection circuits have been added to prevent ignition atmospheric explosion.

Active Mobile boasts to deliver the highest quality of rugged and water submersible phones in the world. RugGear mobile phone is engineered and designed specifically to make clear calls, anytime under any extreme conditions and environments.

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