RüK Development, an innovator and manufacturer of automotive chemicals, and technologies, is proud to offer its brand new line of automotive chemicals. Each of our product lines are color coded for easy category recognition.

The RüK flagship product MetalGuard has Moly-Fusion technology which is activated under extreme heat and pressure outperforming all other engine treatments.

CleanKüR hand treatment system cleans hands better than other hand cleaners on the market without harsh chemicals that dry out hands. You can feel the difference CleanKüR makes after each use, restoring the natural Ph balance to your skin.

FuelBoost, our fuel catalyst technology can reduce fuel costs up to 20% while lowering emissions. It comes in tab form to easily drop in your tank at every fill up, powder form for smaller engines, and liquid form for large fleet applications.

OctaneBoost a race octane booster that raises the octane by a full 7 points.

Diesel Boost for diesel engines in regular and cold flow formulas, MarineBoost specially designed for fuel in marine applications, and CleanShot chemical systems which apply heavy duty chemicals in an enviromentally friendly manner.

Our technology department is developing new products to add to our lineup and we invite you to visit our website for more information.