RULA PR is a boutique agency based in Las Vegas with satellite offices in New York and Los Angeles offering full-service PR, marketing and promotional services with a focus on the fashion, film and entertainment industries. We work closely with clients to define and execute their objectives. At RULA, you’re not just a number on an account exec’s spreadsheet; you’re a living, vital brand, and we know how to cultivate that brand and make it thrive. Media fragmentation is an inescapable part of life today; we’ve learned how to exploit that to bring clients’ messages to the people who really matter. Our years of experience with business, film and art grassroots marketing projects gives us both the big-picture vision and the focused discipline to make your message move when it hits the streets.
RULA PR has produced many high-profile events including, Nightclub openings, launch parties, awards shows and film festival events. She was involved in producing Liberace Emmy Gifting Suite with A list celebrities. She helped obtain coverage from In Touch, Life & Style, Us Weekly, Star BeverlyHillsPeople.com and InStyle.com. She also worked with Madison & Mulholland at the 2007 Haven House Oscars Gifting suite. That was featured in the NY TIMES and had Dove and Sony amongst its sponsors.

RULA PR  specializes in experiential PR produced red-carpet premieres, organized press junkets and tours, industry panels, award shows. She helped produce theatrical premieres in New York and Los Angeles for such films as theatrical premiere of Great New Wonderful, a moving ensemble drama featuring A-listers including Maggie Gyllenhaal, Tony Shalhoub, Eddie Falco, Judy Greer and Olympia Dukakis. Directed by Danny Leiner ( Dude Wheres my car? The New Yorker called this film "The first great film about 9/11.. They aslo worked on Edmond starring Will Macy and Julia Stiles, Virgin starring Robyn Wright Penn, and the Independent Film Spirit favorite film Funny Ha Ha.
RULA PR  handled the publicity for award-winning movie Stripped Down starring Ian Ziering (of Beverly Hills 90210) that had its European premiere in the Monaco Charity Film Festival www.monacocharityfilmfestival.com that selects with films of social consciousness and is supported by Prince Albert of Monaco and was acquired by Dream Entertainment www.dreamentertainment.net  
Most recently RULA PR has been specializing in marketing and promotions for movie releases and worked on the release for the award winning critically acclaimed film "Dark Matter" starring Aiden Quinn and Meryl Streep.