Runemark Records was founded by Ten Walls in June of 2016 as a platform for talented artists to spread their creativity and delivers top notch electronic music compositions with eclectic and underground dancefloor aesthetics.

It’s all about the artistic point of view; demonstrations of creativity; deviations from well-established forms; courageous, daring and adventurous musical statements; ambitious approach towards the sound as an art. All those important details that drives electronic music to evolve further.

As a special addition to some of the releases comes from the man behind the wheel Marijus Adomaitis with his own “Runemark Remarks”.

First Runemark Records release is already available in digital and vinyl formats in stores across the globe. Ten Walls - “ITALO EP” sets a tone with a tribute to Moroder's flavor infused track “Italo” and a full body banger “Arahas” which references to the greatness of the desert. "Adi” is the third track from "ITALO EP” which opens a different spectrum of Ten Walls productions. Tribal, laid back & uplifting tune can only be found on vinyl.

The second release contains two remarks created by Marijus Adomaitis together with Liudas Lazauskas for “Laumes EP” from the Lithuanian audio-visual duo Roe Deers. Roe Deers is a Lithuanian-based audio-visual project led by Liudas Lazauskas and Oskaras Gudas. The duo has already spread their sounds on Magic Feet, Omnidisc and Nein Records during the summer, this time Roe Deers deliver two fresh compositions called "Laumes" and “Perkunas”. Laumes (Fairies) (so called for the Lithuanian Goddess' of Beauty) remark maintains a dramatic atmosphere, from Balearic sounds to dark cinematic drum solos. Perkunas (Thunder) (so called for the Lithuanian God of the Heavens and the Earth) is the slow side of the EP and expresses Italo and slow tempo energy with a sharp rocky bass line.

On the third Runemark Records’ release landed “Sparta EP” of three dance floor killers from Ten Walls: “Sparta”, “Nochnoy Dozor” & “Blue Orphan”.

The fourth release is a debut EP from Phun Thomas which contains two original tracks and two Runemark Remarks. Mind blowing remark for the title track ‘Conscious Flow’ was co-created with the Runemark Records founder and is dedicated to making waves on every dancefloor. Another very strong composition ‘Close Bond’ throws back to the year 2000. The original version of ‘1001 Nights’ has got an eastern taste filled with African rhythms, while Runemark’s version draws different angle and sounds energetic and deep at the same time.

Music is what feelings sound like.