Ruptly International News Agency provides real-time and archived visual news content to all media, from traditional broadcasters to the online content provider including digital and mobile multimedia platforms. Our mission is to offer a bolder, deeper point-of-view than the established leaders of the news marketplace based on a forward- thinking vision without the blinders. We strive to expedite compelling content supply by encouraging independent and insightful story production and by eliminating cumbersome systems of management that hamper news professionals and deprive stories of speed and clarity.

Our Expert Team

The Ruptly team is composed of industry professionals who have worked for the world’s largest news agencies and established news organizations. Our editorial staff has a talent and history for enduring great challenges and hardships and a proven ability to consistently bring audiences the most memorable news video footage.

Our History

Ruptly builds on the core strengths of our parent company, RT, www.rt.com.  RT is a worldwide television news network founded on a daring perspective, whose global brand and voice commands increasing respect and an ever-growing international audience. RT has 25 bureaus in 18 countries, including locations in Washington DC, New York, London, Paris, Delhi, Cairo, Baghdad, Kiev, and employs over 2,000 media professionals around the globe.

Products and Services

Ruptly teams on the ground are committed to bringing you the most compelling stories from around the globe.  Television news broadcasters and online news media can search and access exclusive, partner-provided and archived video content by geographic location, news category and topic available via:

Live Streaming – Direct access to live global news events as they are happening
Video On Demand – an expansive library of footage covering topics from politics to spots, technology, culture and more.

State of the Art Delivery Methods

Ruptly utilizes a robust delivery platform whereby LIVE events are accessed via video directly to your broadcast source FROM THE FIELD as they take place.