Momentis is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Just Energy and acts as the direct sales arm of the company. We are perfectly positioned in the expanding landscape of Energy Deregulation by offering commercial and residential energy users significant reductions in energy expenditures.

More specifically, we offer individuals, business owners,
organizations, municipalities, school systems and any commercial energy consumer a product that significantly reduces their electricity and natural gas costs. In today’s
economy, everyone is cutting back in an effort to save money.

How many individuals and business owners do you think would say “no” to an EXCLUSIVE, PATENTED PRODUCT that will GUARANTEE a 8-20% savings on their electric bill or their MONEY BACK, fully-backed by a Publicly Traded Company on the NYSE?      

The EnergyMizer® is a technologically advanced power reducing device that will save you up to 20% on your electricity bill each and every month. The product comes in three variations to suit the residential, small business and industrial consumer sectors.

For the residential units, simply plug them in, turn them on, and you will begin saving electricity immediately. Our business and industrial units, on the other hand, are hard wired directly to the electrical panels of larger energy consumers, also resulting in immediate energy savings.

The EnergyMizer® also acts as a surge protector by flattening out the regular peaks and valleys generated by the electrical company.

Lastly, the EnergyMizer® acts as a filter for harmful Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). This ensures a safer, more protected environment in your home or business.

As an innovative energy saving device, the EnergyMizer® improves the efficiency of the electricity consumed. Its purpose is to save wasted electricity, resulting in significant cost savings.