The Peace Center is dedicated to creating and protecting affirming spaces that embrace cultural humility and create ties of respect and appreciation across generations, cultures, race, class, region, religion and gender and sexual identity, in order to build an inclusive community.

The Peace Center understands nonviolence as the presence of love and kindness. We understand nonviolence as a loud resistance to social inequalities and oppression. More than nonviolence, we believe in peace. We faithfully believe that through acts of love and kindness, harmful and oppressive environments can be dismantled. We believe that where peace exists, violence can not.

The Peace Center recognizes justice as upholding fairness, ensuring access to resources needed to live a quality life, and equitable treatment under the law. To us, justice looks like every member of our community getting enough of what they need to flourish regardless of their race, zip code, wealth, gender, sexual orientation, culture.  To achieve justice in the Richmond region and beyond, we have to hold those in power, and one another, accountable, acknowledging and calling out injustices and their consequences. With this acknowledgment, we call and work for restorative justice that breaks the barriers of access and opportunity.