We offer spiritual consultations, on a totally different level.  We are not a crisis management hotline.  We cater to clientele that prefer customer service, over recorded lines.  We want to talk with you directly, so, we can get a connection on how best to serve your immediate needs.  This service is for the individual that is ready to make a committment to themselves.  We believe that Change is constant...and that each person can choose there fate, by controlling there actions.  We promote wellness and total spiritual healing, utilizing Tarot Cards, Reiki, Numerology, Cherokee Medicine, Wicca and use biblical scriptures as reference points.  We are an Inter-Faith ministries industry.  We are the only service of our kind that is enrolled with PayPal.  We also have a cash retailer, available within our service area.  Offering a full circle of support and direct connections with the spirit realm, we feel like our lives were meant to serve others.  We also contribute to several of the Paranormal Investigative services that model what we faithfully believe...Release from Spiritual Bondage, of any measure, shouldn't cost a thing and if you can invest in your future, it should be with top notch human beings, at a fraction of the cost of most other Mediums services. Not recordings...Our services are only $1.00 per minute everyday. Period