Ryan Joseph Kopyar, an internationally practicing counselor, just announced the upcoming launch of his new life-changing online program called “Reconnect to Your Greatness.”
The “Reconnect to Your Greatness” program has been a dream of Ryan’s since 2016. The virtual and interactive program is offered online and can be experienced by individuals across North America who are motivated to make a change in their life.
Ryan’s mission is to help people by empowering them to facilitate change in their own lives.  Ryan does this by teaching people how to remove the obstacles which prevent them from living the life they want to live.  Ryan believes that everyone can live the healthy and happy life, they want.
Individuals that participate in the “Reconnect to Your Greatness” program are provided with a customized blueprint, specific to their strengths, needs, and life goals.  This blueprint instills hope and provides actionable strategies which layout exactly what steps the individual needs to take to reach the desires they have for their life. Ryan supports and challenges his program participants with his special blend of empathy, wisdom, and inspiration.
“I believe that we all have greatness within us.  We were born with hopes, dreams, and aspirations to accomplish something great with our lives.  However, for many of us, including myself at one point, life experiences begin to make us think that our dreams are no longer possible.  We come to believe that we're better off living in the familiar, known life, which we have come to accept as our permeant reality.” Kopyar said.
“Hope for the future gives us power in the present and that is exactly what the participants in this program have an opportunity to experience,” Kopyar said. There are three steps to the “Reconnect to Your Greatness” program.  The first step is ‘Release.’  Participants are guided towards an inward journey, where they are invited to identify the limiting and non-serving thought patterns which have been handcuffing them to their past or present reality.  The next step of the program is to ‘Rewire.’  During this step, participants work to replace or ‘rewire’ their mind and body with thoughts, feelings, and emotions which will help to accelerate them towards accomplishing their goals.  The last step of the program is ‘Be Ready.’  This step teachers program participants how to nurture this new positive emotional environment and embrace the coming of their new life.
Kopyar humbly acknowledged; “I don’t take credit for all the content in the program, in fact, much of this information has been around for decades.  But no one has simplified and organized the knowledge in such a way that it makes it very easy for someone to connect with and apply to their lives.  There’s tremendous energy and power in our thoughts.  It sounds simple, but if we are aware of how we use our thoughts, we can create profound change in our lives.”
“This program is something that I have had in my heart and soul for going on 6 years now,” Kopyar said. “Part of the reason it has taken me so long to put it together is that I have grown so much over that time, I continually realized there was more that I wanted to add in.”
Through his decade of experience in the health and wellness industry, Ryan gained a tremendous amount of knowledge on how to help people create physical change in their bodies.  “What I came to realize, was that if I wanted to help people create lasting change in their life, it was important to look at their wellness through a holistic framework.”  Kopyar notes; “All parts of our being; mind, body and soul, need to be in alignment in order to create and sustain positive change in our life.”
Even though Ryan has traded in his sneakers and personal training equipment for his virtually interactive online programs and telehealth sessions, Kopyar said he loves integrating physical wellness with mental wellness.  “I’ve seen firsthand the power of integrating mind-body wellness through working with my counseling clients,” Kopyar said. “Whenever I am putting together an integrative treatment plan for one of my counseling clients or creating a personalized blueprint for one of my program participants in “Reconnect to Your Greatness,” I am always asking myself: How can I integrate mental and physical wellness to maximize the positive change in this person’s life?  I think that’s what makes me different from many of the other online and personal development programs in the market today.”
To learn more about Ryan’s “Reconnect to Your Greatness” program or other services, call 973-224-8171 or visit www.ryankopyarholistichealing.com

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