SA&B Mega Resources is a fully integrated Marketing Communications company with immense capacity to provide bespoke and premium 360 degree communication solutions to its exclusive clientele. With a cumulative experience spanning over 30 years, the SA&B promoters have executed top level PR, Events, Promotions, Sponsorships, Sports Marketing and Advertising campaigns for individuals, political leaders, corporate organizations, government institutions and diverse other interests across Nigeria, Ghana, Benin Republic, France, South Africa and the United States of America. The SA&B team maintains a robust relationship with top media personalities and other important stakeholders across Africa, dating back to as far as 20 years. SA&B is passionately and irrevocably committed to satisfactorily delivering high-impact results to all its clients.  
Contact: info@saandb.com

•     Fairs & Exhibitions: We believe that consumer touch-point engagement is the soul of business and therefore facilitate the participation of our clients, in a classy and memorable manner, at top-of-the-range and high impact fairs and exhibitions locally and globally.
•     Sponsorships: We support our clients to connect in the most remarkable way with the wishes and aspirations of their key stakeholders through meaningful sponsorships that hit the Bull’s-Eye. We also create customized platforms for brands to engage with their customers.
•     Sports Marketing: We collaborate with our clients at different levels and support them in marketing to their critical stakeholders any sporting event which has the biggest impact in the communities served by our clients. We also have the capacity to secure for clients high profile celebrities as brand ambassadors. For clients who already have celebrity-ambassadors, we can manage the ambassadors by creating innovative platforms that enable clients to leverage the ambassadors’ persona and enjoy premium dividends from the clients’ investments.
•     Advertising: We run cost-effective, purposeful and remarkable advertising campaigns for individuals, political leaders, corporate organizations, government institutions and diverse other interests across Africa and North America. We offer turnkey solutions including brand strategy, creative solutions and production of cost effective, yet resourceful ad films and digital contents.
•     CSR: We believe in the mantra that business is not only about maximizing profit but also about touching lives and creating everlasting impact on the lives of the people in the communities served by businesses, particularly the indigent souls in such communities. We therefore collaborate with brands to identify and promote CSR projects that truly transform lives and societies.
•     SA&B Ideas Factory: We create high impact and tailor-made ideas for clients across diverse fields. This package is for individuals and public/private institutions who have the financial resources but require the cutting-edge and pristine ideas that will enable them to maximise their return on investment on a sustainable basis.
•     SA&B PR Grooming: We organise short grooming sessions to prepare and coach executives for milestone activities. Such executives include CEOs, political leaders, top government officials and business leaders. We prepare our clients adequately for meetings, live or recorded media interviews, rallies, AGMs etc. The sessions range from a few hours to one week, depending on the specific needs of clients. We have a remarkable team of experts who coordinate the sessions. The grooming includes effective speech delivery, handling of interview sessions, dress codes (what to wear for every occasion and colour combination), table manners/dining etiquette etc.
•     SA&B Pre & Post Activation Evaluation: We offer evaluation services that make our clients sure footed at all times. These include PR Measurement, Social listening, Reputation tracking, analysis and management, Reporting and engagement, Research, trends analysis and projections.
•     SA&B Biographers: We have the capacity to write authorized and adequately researched biographies for anyone who intends to document in graphic details his or her contributions to humanity. Our team of top-notched and carefully selected professionals (researchers, writers, editors, production experts) has the pedigree to deliver in a manner that gives clients full satisfaction. We also provide full backend support for busy executives who want to write/publish their autobiographies.
•     SA&B Coffee Table Books: Coffee table books have become a powerful tool utilized by result-oriented companies to project their achievements/values, stimulate conversations and enhance engagements with critical stakeholders. We are primed to write and produce premium quality coffee table books to a wide range of clients in Africa.