Helping academics, scholars, writers, artists, and friends find home matches across the globe is our goal. Whether it is for sabbaticals, academic research, writing retreats, or time-off travel—we provide low-fee listings for you to find, or offer, homes around the world.

We continue to grow thanks to satisfied members recommending us to colleagues and giving back. We feel it's important for all scholars to have the opportunity to travel and share their ideas. Low listing fees help keep our service accessible and equitable, but our site is sustained primarily by success-based contributions. It's truly your generous support that allows us to keep our small and unique operation running.

Sabbatical Homes was created to serve scholars worldwide. Our founder coded the first iteration of the site in 2000 to fill a growing housing need for minds on the move. Since then, many other home rental and exchange sites have emerged. Competitors have approached us in the past looking to collaborate, but we have chosen to stay true to our mission and remain a small, advertisement-free, independently-operated site. We are proud to say that Sabbatical Homes is still the leading internet-based directory for academic home exchanges, home rentals, house sitting, and sharing opportunities. And to this day, a small, dedicated team, led by the founder, keeps the operation running from California.

Sabbatical Homes is a place for minds on the move, like you!