We strive to be widely regarded as not only the best cleaning company in the Sacramento Area, but to be revered as more than just a cleaning service. We are at the center of a revolution in the cleaning industry. We use 100% ecological, petrochemical free, 'greening' products and offer our “Greeners” sustainable and livable wages.

When you get right down to it our services are only limited by your imagination and what is allowable by law.

An organic cleaning  service whose goal is to help our clientele achieve a healthier lifestyle; with organic cleaning, clients eliminate harmful toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and ammonia in their home. We cater to the working family, single professional and commercial office spaces.

Our primary focus is on organic cleaning — you won't find cookies on your pillow or incense in the air when you return to your home or office. What you will find is a meticulously clean space with no overwhelming scents or harsh chemical odors. Many new clients are amazed upon experiencing an inexplicable sense of well-being after one of our initial organic cleanings.

It's our pleasure to serve you in ways that make your life easier.

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What makes us different? Better?

Each cleaner is a worker owner and takes great pride in the house cleaning service they provide. That means a professional house cleaning from people you can trust. No contracts. No worries. Just more time to enjoy your clean home.