SafeCopy Backup is a leading provider of personal computer backup services.  

SafeCopy disrupted the industry by offering a different type of online backup plan.  Instead of a cost per computer model, SafeCopy offers a single account for $50 per year, which can backup an unlimited number of computers.  The thought behind this model is that the data is much more important than the computer, so SafeCopy provides backup plans starting with a generous 150GB of secure online storage.  SafeCopy has broad support for all computers including all versions of Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and any SmartPhone.

SafeCopy is designed for the home user, mobile professional and very small business.  Rather than try have one offering which spans the market from personal to large business, SafeCopy designed an extremely simple solution without many of the complexities required by a larger business solution.

SafeCopy provides a mature world-wide online backup platform.  With partnerships in Europe, SafeCopy has a growing base of clients on all 7 continents and a software platform with support for 11 languages.