SafeGames initiatives and campaigns seek to empower and inform individuals across the world through the intersection of education, collaboration, science, spectacle and entrepreneurship. We use innovative marketing and communication design to develop and promote positive public health, safety and marketing campaigns. Through analysis, planning, implementation and leadership, we work with our partners to achieve mutual objectives and healthier populations.

SafeGames staff and consultants are skilled in public health, public policy and advocacy, as well as marketing,   public relations, branding, design and social technology. We have strong ties with local, regional and international health-focused organizations and significant experience working with government and non-governmental  organisations around the world. In addition, SafeGames efforts are greatly enhanced by the strength of our partnerships.  All SafeGames campaigns are designed to include multi-stakeholder coalitions comprising individuals and organisations representing a    diverse range of groups. Our partners include institutional and community-based service providers, health authorities, research centres, charitable foundations, public policy makers, advocates, private businesses and those individuals most at-risk.

With a reputation as a growing social business with expertise in carrying out innovative health and safety interventions, SafeGames finds itself increasingly in demand to assist organizations, coalitions and communities around the world to deal with public health challenges. SafeGames currently has campaigns scheduled to take place in London, Brazil, Poland, Russia, Western Europe and the US.