Safe Money Products, written by Dr. Bob Rubin, is a financial newsletter and blog.

Bob’s investment philosophy is to buy assets with both strong growth potential and limited risk.

In order to find these opportunities, Bob does deep research on both commonplace and little known investment opportunities among stocks, bonds, top mutual funds, options, commodities, and currencies, both in the USA and around the world.

Every two weeks, Bob reports the most profitable ideas in Safe Money Products. Get in early, and you have the potential to double your money – with extremely low risk.

Bob has found extraordinary returns of double and triple digits for his followers.

Dr. Bob Rubin

Dr. Bob Rubin writes and edits Safe Money Products, a bi-monthly investment advisory and blog. He specializes in safe, profitable investments that may be overlooked by others. Bob has a Ph.D. in Social Psychology – including the psychology of markets and investors. He worked for a Fortune 500 company for over twenty years, doing sales, marketing, product development, and strategic planning. His work included planning and negotiating partnerships and acquisitions, developing new lines of business, financial modeling, and risk assessment. Bob knows what it takes to plan and build a business, sell products, and make a profit. For the last ten years, Bob has been a successful professional investor, widely known in financial circles.