The Safe Place is a group of professionals involved in the field of home and commercial security specializing in providing a broad range of safes for all purposes at low prices. Including gun safes, wall safes, floor safes, depository safes, handgun safes, and more!

Years of Experience

Consult The Safe Place when buying a safe, with over 30 years of experience in the safe and lock industry, you are guaranteed to leave with the product that meets the best quality/price ratio.

Our Safe Prices

The Safe Place is an official distributor of the best safe manufactuers, and buys safes in large quantities!  Having large quantities in stock means faster ship times, and lower prices for you!

Shipping Your Safe

When shopping for a safe consider the shipping cost.  The Safe Place ships safes to all 48 states and has unbeatable shipping prices.  It's easy to find out how much it will cost, read more about having your safe shipped today!