New illuminated umbrella to save lives

Vancouver entrepreneur distributing LED umbrellas in time for protecting people from the perils of Day
Light Savings and dark, rainy days

Dave Supernec, 53, a Vancouver entrepreneur spotted a problem then its solution.
“Too many citizens—kids and grannies--are getting whacked on unlit or poorly lit roads!” he said in a recent interview in his
Vancouver, Canada office.
“Our solution to protect the elderly, the children and, frankly, anyone crossing a street at night or in inclement weather is our safe-tbrella.

We are offering a limited-time Winter special to anyone ordering before Christmas so our product can protect as many people as
Ordering at the website http://www.safetbrella.com/
David Supernec, President
Tel: 604.618.2006
website: http://www.safetbrella.com