Safe to Learn© is a community of practice movement that creates momentum through networks of individuals who believe that every child learns best when he or she also has a fundamental and profound sense of personal security and well being, safety, confidence and acceptance.

The goal is to provide leadership tools that educate and empower all stakeholders of the Safe to Learn© community including:  students, administrators, principals, assistant principals, educators, all teachers, school staff, parents, family members, law enforcement officers, school resource officers, fire fighters, EMS professionals, doctors, nurses, medical staff, dentists, judges, recreational program directors, prosecutors, probation directors, public health educators, mental health leaders, and youth-serving professionals in an effort to better shape safe learning environments one school at a time.

The goal of the Safe to Learn Project is to always remain a community of caring people with the same mission and commitment:  Provide what is best for all children and keep them safe so they will be able to learn.  The outcome of these collective endeavors will result in the flourishing of all schools, as well as all learning environments, as oases of creativity, engagement, and learning that allow for the fulfillment of the highest ideals of learning, well being and personal achievement.