The Company
Safe T Sleep® (NZ) Limited is based in Auckland, New Zealand.  It was founded in 1992 by Miriam Rutherford-van Gisbergen, mother, tutor, positive parenting educator with a nursing background. The Company was established to promote her invention, a unique baby safety product named the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap® that would support positive parenting practices and help to prevent injuries and deaths occurring in and around babies sleep times.  
Company Philosophy
Safe T Sleep supports nurturing, positive parenting and professionally trialled and proven baby/child products.

Company Objective
It is the overall objective of the director and the Safe T Sleep team to work towards the goal of providing global access to the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap® products for all parents, grandparents and caregivers, who wish to help protect sleeping infants; and to enjoy the extra peace of mind this brings.

Company Mission Statement
To provide a safer sleeping environment for babies and peace of mind for parents and caregivers through the unique design and manufacture of Safe T Sleep products within the philosophy of nurturing, positive parenting and professionally trialled, proven baby/child products.

Safe T Sleep supports a ‘service’ philosophy.   Safe T Sleep (NZ) Ltd regularly liaises, consults and works with parents, health professionals, specialists and organisations, sharing information such as relevant research findings and child care concerns. Miriam frequently attends relevant conferences, seminars and expos, as well as contributing her time to hospitals, medical professionals and to health and safety committees and interest groups. For many years Safe T Sleep has provided a comprehensive website www.safetsleep.com. Safe T Sleep freely donates products and resources such as DVD’s.

Since 1992 the company has consistently reached up to 20% of all babies born in NZ alone with the patented Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap® products.  Thanks to an effective small team of staff, family, key professionals and support people.

All resulting in product ‘certainty’ and reduced overall costs for all.

International Recognition
Miriam has presented Medical Papers at national and international levels, practical sleeptime workshops and numerous positive parenting workshops including several on Marae.  She has presented at national and international Conferences and Congresses including International SIDS, National and International Injury Prevention, International Karitane, National and International Royal College of Midwives, International Paediatric and Child Health Nurses, Early Childhood Conferences and Expo’s for Parent, Baby and Child.

Miriam and the Safe T Sleep Company and www.safetsleep.com have earned respect for integrity with parents, the medical profession and retailers generally. The Safe T Sleep products and brand names are well known, trusted and respected.

A Perfect Record.

Since 1992 hundreds of thousands of babies have slept safely in the only original, tested and proven Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap®.Since 1992 hundreds of thousands of babies have slept safely in the only original, tested and proven Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap®.

An initial independent professionally audited trial involving more than 300 babies and a broad range of health professionals, parents and caregivers resulted in overwhelmingly positive feedback www.safetsleep.com/testimonials

Hospital staff and charge nurses involved in these initial trials identified 20 hospital uses for the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap to aid patient positioning, comfort and care. http://www.safetsleep.com/hospital--special-needs/

Subsequently an independent Hospital Clinical trial was undertaken which concluded efficacy in helping the positioning of a baby: http://www.nzma.org.nz/journal/116-1181/581/

The Safe T Sleep™ Sleepwrap® product has been the subject of an International Patent Application under Chapter 1 of the Patent Co-operative Treaty (PCT) which has over 60 member states.  Under Chapter 11 of the Treaty, patents have been applied for in various member states.  The product design and its associated marketing, educational and packaging materials are also the subject of copyright in all member states of the Berne Copyright Union and cannot be copied or reproduced without the permission or authority of the copyright owner, Safe T Sleep (NZ) Ltd.

Currently significant Patents are through and Trademarks have been registered