Your Net managed services from Safety Net is the whole package businesses need for IT security and reliability. It’s our specialty, and how most clients work with us. Let your internal resources focus on your business while our team of experts keeps you running efficiently and securely.

What makes us different

Our people-focused approach to managed IT services means you’ll have a dedicated team of technical professionals that get to know you and how you work. When someone doesn’t have the answer, they call in a Safety Net expert on that system or issue to get you the best solution. We are one of the few SOC 2-certified providers in the State of Michigan, meaning our operations in both offices meet strict requirements for security and IT best practices. We answer to a team of outside auditors at least annually.

Professional with a dash of fun

We kick IT stereotypes to the curb, bringing a professional yet fun personality to your IT solutions. In having a little fun around the office, our employees are motivated to do an outstanding job for you, our clients! We hope you’ll always be excited to give us a call, no matter what the need is.

Ready to help, no matter the hour

With our 24/7 approach, someone is always available to help, no matter the time of day or day of the week. IT issues come up when we least expect them, and having Safety Net as a member of your team means you’re always covered. No more worries about when “Joe is on vacation.” You get 30 Joes (and some Jills, too!).

High quality work and experience to back it up

Hiring our team of IT experts gives you access to professionals with a wide variety of skill sets, knowledge across the board, and the certifications to prove their expertise. Our team is always dedicated to completing the highest quality work to keep your business running smoothly (and we have fun while we do it).

Always up-to-date

We monitor your systems all day, every day and complete proactive maintenance to catch as many issues as possible before you ever notice them. We’re constantly learning to keep up with new security threats so you don’t have to.