Safety Works has been conducting business in California since 1998 (safetyworks.org).  Our core business is performing onsite employment physicals and functional capacity evaluations (FCEs).    These Evaluations are typically ordered to assess an injured worker's ability to go back to work in the pre-injury job function, they also can measure the state of recovery and the effectiveness of treatment. Safety Works authored The Physician's Guide to Functional Capacity Evaluations, approved by the U.S. Federation of Chiropractic Examiners, California Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and the California Division of Workers' Compensation, Medical Unit.  As a result we have gained a strong working relationships with employers and insurance carriers.    

It was a natural progression to expand our services to include Medical-Legal Evaluations, Qualified Medical Evaluations (QME), Agreed Medical Evaluations (AME) and Independent Medical Evaluations (IME).  We formed a group of dedicated and ethical doctors to service our employers and insurance carriers.  We recruited only "TOP QME DOC"  from California to work with us.  

Our "TOP QME DOC" members were hand selected from thousands of applicants and accepted only after approval from the voting majority of our Board Members.  Approval is based on: specialty training, license standing, publications in peer-reviewed journals, patient feedback, malpractice history and reputation by employers, applicant and defense attorneys.

Safety Works provides Medical-Legal Examinations and DWC Approved Continuing Education for California Physicians.  We specialize in Qualified Medical Evaluations, Agreed Medical Evaluations, Independent Medical Evaluations, Physical Performance Examinations, Functional Capacity Evaluations and Ergonomic Evaluations.