S.A.G.E. S.A. is dedicated to helping private bankers, independent asset managers (IAMs) and family offices serve their clients better and more efficiently in today's fast-changing business and regulatory environment. S.A.G.E. S.A. delivers innovative solutions that help financial institutions make better investment decisions and build client trust even in uncertain market conditions by allowing them to communicate investment decisions in total transparency.

S.A.G.E. S.A. offers Prospero, a suite of wealth management solutions that is user-friendly, robust and cost-effective; and BlackSwan Financial Platform, a portfolio optimisation solution.

Several IAMs, family offices and banks are already relying on our solutions to serve their clients around the world. They differentiate themselves offering clients outstanding quality reports, online access to their portfolios in mono and multi-custodian environments thanks to our automated custodian interfaces.

S.A.G.E. S.A. (www.sage.ch) is a privately-owned Swiss financial technology company established in 1986. It serves its clients from its headquarters in Switzerland or from its offices in Singapore and Dubai.

About Prospero
Prospero is a suite of solutions precisely fitted to the needs of specific segments of the financial services industry. With Prospero’s unique flexibility, we cover your exact needs – from medium to large firms, from simple to complex financial products and activities. Prospero has multiple solutions covering all aspects of financial operations: wealth management, asset management, fund administration and independent asset management / family office. Prospero can be implemented separately or as an integrated whole.

About BlackSwan Financial Platform
BlackSwan Financial Platform was built based on more than 20 years of combined academic research aimed at finding an improvement to the general efficient frontier algorithm. The superior accuracy of BlackSwan was achieved by two breakthroughs: first, the system uses non-Gaussian distributions that accurately take into account extreme events such as market crashes to precisely model the behavior of financial assets; and secondly, BlackSwan would be able to optimise the expected shortfall (or expected tail loss) which is a much more complete risk measure than VAR or variance that are commonly used.

In brief, S.A.G.E. S.A.'s BlackSwan Financial Platform accurately models financial instruments by taking into consideration extreme behaviours to recommend the best trade-off between risk and return.

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