Sagiv - Partnering for Flow Control

Since 1971 Sagiv has been providing quality flow-control accessories and sub-units to companies around the globe.

The Sagiv offering is threefold: Sagiv Standard Products, Sagiv Contract Manufacturer (CM) Services, and Sagiv Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) Services.

Sagiv is a technology leader in the field of hot brass forging and precision machining technology – both conveniently located under one roof.

Sagiv has always believed in an uncompromising approach towards Quality Control governed by full compliance to ISO 9000 : 2008.

"Partnering for Flow Control” is the heart of Sagiv’s ODM services. At Sagiv we truly believe that the contribution we can make for our customers results in win-win flow-control solutions.

In the heart of the Negev - Located at Mashabei Sadeh, Sagiv is Israel’s leading company for the production and export of ball valves, special valves and accessories on demand. These allow full control of water, gas, petrol and oil flow. Our products are integrated within many systems in industry, construction, air conditioning and agriculture.

International presence - Our plant exports its products to the most advanced and demanding industrialized nations in the world along with developing areas who are seeking advanced flow control solutions.

Expertise - Sagiv specializes in processing brass using hot forging and precision machining technologies. The greatest advantage with these production methods is that parts are made from one piece of metal with no seams or weak points. Consequently they have outstanding strength and stability, providing reliable service for years.

Quality - At Sagiv we are proud of our high quality control system, which is certified and operates according to ISO 9001:2000 standards and closely supervised by the Israeli Standards Authority. In addition, our products satisfy a long line of international standards, among them EN-331 and UL. Every product is carefully inspected by our Quality Control department before leaving the plant.

Research and Development - Our R&D department works in close liaison with the engineering divisions of our clients. In this way we can give responses in real time to the unique requests that often arise with client projects.

Excellent reputation - Our plant has earned an envied reputation for high quality, flexibility and reliability – a result of our long experience in the industry and our close contacts with clients.