Sahasra Deepika Foundation for Education  is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the USA. It works in conjunction with Sahasra Deepika International for Education (India) to provide education and care to needy children in Bangalore. The guiding principle of the organization is that every child should receive a good education, if they are to lift themselves out of poverty. This is accomplished via a residential program at Sahasra Deepika Institute, which is home to 56 children ages 4-14. The children are provided education, food, healthcare and the opportunity to interact with volunteers and interns from the local community and abroad. Through these interactions, they receive encouragement and mentoring. The Sahasra Deepika Outreach Program has reached over 2500 students in the Bangalore metro area since 2009. Low-income 9th grade students who attend Kannada language schools are given tutoring in English. This program culminates in the annual Spelling Bee Contest.