Saigon Spring is founded by me, my name is Trang Pham, a Vietnamese. I usually make handicraft as a hobby when i have time and have a huge honor to all the craftsman.

I used to work in a Business Department of a company in my beloved city, Saigon, Vietnam. But i always feel my call is to do something cool for women and I did not know what should i begin with to bring that dream into reality at that moment. And the idea of handmade buffalo horn jewelry just came right on time, when i decided to conquer my fears, put my foot down and live for myself :), I quitted my current job to give myself a freedom i always want, and asked for a plan... Then i had a chance to observe some women in my country making jewelry from buffalo horn, my mind was totally blown by that incredible work! And yes, I started working with handmade buffalo horn jewelry that way, and until know, it's still tough for me to build up the business as many other young people, but i always feel grateful to have a chance to live for my passion, i'm so proud of what i'm doing and never thought i could go that far! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY CUSTOMERS! I COULDN'T MAKE IT WITH OUT ALL OF YOUR GREAT SUPPORT!!!

In another point, Saigon, where i were born and living, a city once known to be the Pearl of the Far East due to all the natural resources.

The name "Saigon Spring" was created to revive Saigon’s nickname by sharing her most beautiful resources to the women in this world. My products offer striking, bold, handmade jewelry and accessories, crafted using natural horns of water buffaloes and lacquer. The horns are from the water buffaloes in Vietnam, which have shedded naturally and/or were already slaughtered for their meat. All of my horn jewelry are selected for its impressive natural quality.

The strong soul of horn jewelry will encourage and inspire every woman. Furthermore, I hope to inspire other woman by my story, that i dared to face my fears, and take risks to live the life i want, to feel the freedom.

My products are shipped to customers in many other countries in the world like United States, France, Brazil, Singapore... and i do offer wholesale.


I have many designs of:

- Horn Necklace: chunky chain necklace, long chain necklace, chain link necklace, bib statement necklace, beaded necklace, layered necklace...
- Horn Pendant Necklace
- Horn Bracelet: bangle bracelet, bracelet set, chunky bracelet, wide cuff bracelet, stretch bracelet...
- Horn earrings: long dangle earrings, teardrop earrings, chandelier earrings, dangle earrings, statement earrings, reversible earrings...
- Horn Ring: Chunky ring...
- Horn Comb