The International Sailors’ Society, based in Durban, South Africa, provides a personal lifeline for seafarers on board ship and when they step ashore. Our Chaplains – the very lifeblood of our charity.

With more than 280 000 seafarers visiting South African ports annually, the services of the Sailors Society are in greater demand than ever before – the three main reasons for this growing need are:

• The pressures of globalisation on the shipping industry and the employment of multi-national crews which result in language difficulties;

• ships sailing under flags of convenience and situations where safety standards may be compromised causes untold misery to crews;

• Long periods of separation from home when the seafarer is faced with loneliness feelings of isolation along with physical and mental stress , natural dangers and disasters at sea and illness are traumatic

The Sailors’ Society of South Africa provides safe harbour for these sailors – providing a support centre irrespective of nationality, gender, culture or faith at all South African ports, taking care of the comforts and needs of seafarers. Chaplains and Port missionaries are specially trained for this unique ministry and provide a holistic service for the seafarers at NO cost to them or their employers.