As part of Saint-Gobain — a global company with a history of over 350 years, and one of the world’s top 100 innovative companies — Omniseal Solutions™ can blend world-class R&D, technology, infrastructure, and resources with the local expertise, speed, and operational agility of a highly specialized business. As a result, we are flexible enough to deliver ad hoc engineering consultation or complete turnkey solutions.

We design, fabricate, assemble and create solutions that achieve exquisitely precision tolerances, while mitigating friction, wear, and leakage, to meet the extremely demanding performance requirements of critical applications in essential, high-stakes industries.

The pioneering spirit still fuels the imagination and drive within the organization, pushing an evolution in service. Since 2017, we started a new journey, utilizing new management methods by implementing self-directed TEAMS, also named circular teams or autonomous teams. Their focus? Each team is dedicated to a group of customers to “delight” them through a unique customer experience as well as answering every need and anticipating expectations.

Such an organization advocates a very short decision-making process and empowers our team members to make the right decision. We believe in the incredible potential of open and trustful collaboration, not only internally but also with our customers and external partners. The ultimate goal is simple: unleash creativity and foster agility and speed in order to swiftly resolve seemingly insoluble engineering challenges.