David Rikiashvili is a Georgian graphic designer, specialized in motion graphic design, web design and film editing. He has broadly developed his western experience in his home country. David’s name is often associated with the graphic design of dozens of the projects not only for the local broadcasting companies, but also for the field of art and business and for many interesting clients in abroad.

David Rikiashvili was born in Georgia in 1978. After he left school he entered Tbilisi State Institute of Economic Relations. Upon graduation from above Institute David became an economist, but he was also involved in computer graphic design. He was than able to give up economics to become a professional graphic designer. After his three years work in Iberia TV Company, he went to Great Britain in 2002. Later he returned to the home country where he began to work at the Filmmaking Company “Studio Audience” where he worked on more than 7 films and 12 music videos himself.

In 2003 David was invited to work by the Rustavi2 TV Company as a graphic-designer for which he worked for several years.
In 2004 he was invited to work by the one of the successful Turkish advertising company where he stayed for more than year. After his successful work in Istanbul he was moved back to Georgia as a producer of promotion at request of the Imedi TV Company. David continues working on the ongoing design projects for Television Companies as well as for the leading players of the Country.